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Lori Raijman has appreciated the value of using art in nontraditional ways for over two decades. As a teacher, she experimented with art and ultimately developed a program helping children hone their reading, writing and oral language skills via painting and collage making. Witnessing the very real results in communicating, evolving and learning via artistic methods made Lori appreciate the ripple effect art has, not only on the artist but on anyone interpreting said work.

Art also served as the catalyst for Lori and her gastroenterologist husband Isaac Raijman MD’s first date. A brief discussion between the two over the aesthetics of a painting at a gallery show led to dinner, which soon led to a deep relationship. It was during this time Lori discovered her new love had been painting since childhood. His busy medical practice, however, kept him from cultivating his craft to the extent he wished. That changed when Lori became Mrs. Raijman, and the two went on to stage multiple exhibitions of Dr. Raijman’s art, inviting colleagues and patients to see their relationships in a totally different and creative manner.

Their partnership saw Isaac’s talent flourish, leading to hosting shows and selling his pieces. Through these experiences and an unexpected invitation by the Etro boutique in Houston to host an event highlighting the doctor’s work, a new concept was born: showcasing physicians as artists in the name of charity. Soon, The Arts of Healing Foundation was born: a 501(c)3 nonprofit, physician-based organization whose purpose is to raise money and awareness for various diseases that directly impact the patients in the community in which they practice medicine.

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