November 8, 2019
The Post Oak Hotel

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The Arts of Healing is a non-profit that deepens the relationships in the Houston Medical Community by producing an annual arts show featuring the physicians of the Texas Medical Center and benefiting charities in the medical fields in which they practice.
Art is a way of expression. The balance that science and art creates allows me a different perspective and capturing of facts.Dr. Isaac Raijman
From my earliest memories, my love of music and medicine have always been closely intertwined and inseparable & although I eventually chose medicine as a career, my daily solace (& sanity) remain rooted in music. I lost my only brother to pancreatic cancer two years ago, so the cause for last year’s event is special to me. In a way, I believed that I’ll be playing for him that evening, more than anyone else.Dr. Carl Dahlberg
I can’t wait to participate in the Arts of Healing event this year. I’m honored to be a part of such a worthwhile cause.Dr. Mentz

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